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About Us

We are a family run business operating since 1992. It is comprises of relatives, friends, neighbors, who have helped us over the years doing trade and retail shows and being guinea pigs to all of the products that we have twisted their arms to get their opinions on different products. Our company has been involved in distribution, manufacturing, brokering, and retail sales.

We have been working with Sammie Galloway, owner of G'S Gourmet Foods,  for the past six years in promoting his award winning grilling and marinating sauces called Mombo. We have had a great time selling, travelling, and promoting different products. especially our own and Sam's.  Grilling, and smoking meats are our number one passion. I have been cooking and creating recipes for over fifty years. I have come to believe and promote thst you can cook any cut of meat and change the flavor and presentation of the original meal by using different sauces on the leftovers to create a whole new dining experience with each serving.

What we are bringing to this website are some of the best products in the food industry. Many of them have won regional and national awards for their excellance in flavors and packaging. We search for new flavors and the products that are more unique to this highly competitive business. We only sell products that we have cooked with ourselves and can personally vouch for their flavor and quality.

We hope that you enjoy what we have to offer and will come back often. We will be adding new products and having monthly specials to furthur entice your curiosity and hunger for new things.